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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Sim League Draft Update

Well as the draft slowly continues in IBL, the 1st two picks have been made. Mauer was the #1 pick overall with Grienke going #2. The draft goes pick by pick with no time limit until Feb. when we start making lists for 2 rounds at a time. The draft is consisted of all players that either were in these categories: 1) FA's at end of last season in our league, 2) had no card last season and was not on team, but has card this year (either 30 PA's, or 20 IP), 3) Did not make usage last year or too much usage (75%-133%), or 4) cut after last season.
My team (Cougars) picks at #18 in the round so I have some time to think and scout who I want to draft as I will be looking for a young OF prospect with low PA's or a future replacement for Alfonzo or FLA Gonzalez.
The league should start getting busier now because as of 1/1/05 trading has resumed until Feb 1 and during this time there usually are a lot of trades made. My team is usually a big off-season mover, but this year we are thinking of taking it easy, but that might change if the right offer comes along.


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