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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

El Duque with the White Sox?

There are reports that the White Sox have signed El Duque to a 2 - year 8 million dollar deal with incentives that could bring in an additional 4 million for him. During these last 6 months GM Ken Williams has been trying to revamp the White Sox rotation and has come up with a pretty decent rotation of: Freddy Garcia-Mark Buerhle, El Duque-Jon Garland- Jose Contreras. Now this is a rotation that will win you the World Series, but it will eat up innings and for the most part keep the games close, well that is if you have an offense.

Here is where the Sox have major problems. First let's start with Frank Thomas, why he didn't have his surgery sooner, I don't know, maybe bad advice, but with him not going to be ready for opening day hurts. Now this might be easy to overcome by putting Carl Everett at, but now he has to play RF with the Sox letting Magglio go via FA. The Sox let Magglio loose to sign Jermaine Dye who had a decent rebound season last year, but he is nowhere near the same guy he was before breaking his leg on the foul ball. So replacing Thomas and Magglio's bats are Everett and Dye. Now if that wasn't bad enough, he goes and trades Carlos Lee to the Brewers for Podsednik and Vizcaino. This trade boggles my mind. You already have your speedy guy who can't hit in Harris, why add a CF who is a carbon copy of him, just with a rookie of the year award to his name. This now moves Rowand over to LF a position he will do well at, but he is a much more valuable in CF than in LF. So now the OF looks like this Rowand-Posdsednik-Dye. This is not an OF that puts fear into opposing pitchers. I understand wanting hard throwing Luis Vizcaino out of the pen because when he has his stuff under control he is unhittable, but with the signing of Hermanson and Walker I don't see how trading Lee for these 2 guys helps the team any. Lastly the decision to let Valentin go and put Uribe at SS is actually a good idea, seeing that offensively Valentin had been declining for a couple years, but that means that Willie Harris is the starter at 2b and his bat is usually overpower by most pitchers not sure if any gains made.


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