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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Where will Beltran end up?

Well that is the major question in baseball these days now that the Randy Johnson trade seems to have lost momentum after the Dodgers backed out of the trade the other day.
The media says that the Yanks George Steinbrenner had a meeting with Boras the other day and when that happens George usually gets his man. After hearing this the Astros stepped up to the plate and have offered a new contract to Beltran. The time for them to sign Astros is now because after January 8th they will not be able to re-sign him until May and the chances of Beltran waiting until May to resign with them is very slim. The Cubs have been flying low on the radar for Beltran, but I think the reason for that is simple, THEY ARE NOT TRYING... The Cubs look like they are going to run out of options soon in the FA market and with what we have seen from recent call-ups I am not so sure we have their replacements in the minors.

So where do I think Beltran will end up? I think in the end he will sign a 8 year deal with the Yankees. Why? Well the Yankees always are willing to spend money and these days that is what the agents and players want.


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