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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Please NO Burnitz...

Well according to the Daily Herald the Cubs might turn their interest Jeromy Burnitz. I beg of them not to do this. Burnitz stats last year were inflated due to the fact that he played in Coors. Jeromy has not been a steady threat since 1999 and a little bit of the 1st half in 2003, but that didn't last.
Let's take a look at Burnitz's stats last year. At home he hit .322/.386/.670 and then on the road he hit.244/.327/.775. This extreme split does help Burnitz's cause of showing him to be useful to anyone, but Colorado. I saw some post somewhere, where someone said that he like Burnitz and he could revert back to his old form, but he in wrong side of 35 to show any major improvements. In Ron Shandler's book Baseball Forecaster 2005 he predicts Burnitz to hit in the tune of .248/.327/.496 and in the Bill James Handbook 2005 he predicts him hit .246/.327/.477. Both of these projections are quite similar and both show that while he will have some power, he also will be underperforming for a LF. Now I may be just some guy writing on the web with his whacky ideas, but Shandler and James are both proven in their field and both have a very low opinion on what the future holds for Burnitz. So all I can do is hope that Hendry has some good people around him that will help him determine not to sign Burnitz.

Lastly if the Cubs sign Burnitz how can I make the 3 block trek to the park with my pal Jack and shout at the top of our lungs at Burnitz (a tradition for us) and telling him how overrated he is and how he sucks.


  • This rumor surfaced in the Daily Herald based on the fact that the Cubs inquired about Burnitz services in the middle of 2003. We all know why the Cubs were interested then...

    Patterson was out for the season and Goodwin just injured his hamstring. Burnitz could have been acquired cheap and been used as a stop-gap in center for a few months.

    I personally do not believe the Cubs have any interest in Burnitz. It's been a slow time lately in Cubs and Sox land, so the Herald sports writers decided to "invent" a story.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:33 PM  

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