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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Patterson, Barrett, Farnsworth sign contracts

The Cubs made some other signings today by coming to 1 year agreements with both Farnsworth and Patterson. Patterson’s deal is for 2.8 million this year and Farnsworth’s deal is worth 1.975 for the year. Hopefully Patterson can reduce his strikeouts this year by about 50 or so and increase his walks by about 30. If Patterson can achieve this he makes himself a much more valuable offensive weapon because by walking more it will allow him to use his speed and steal a few more bases and give the Cubs more opportunities with runners in scoring position. I love Farnsworth’s arm, but that is about the only thing I like about him. His attitude and his maturity need to improve this season along with the ability to pitch well on a consistent basis.
Barrett agreed to a new 3 year deal for 12 million dollars. This is a good deal because I think that we can expect more of the same from Barrett over the next couple years. I especially think this because we signed Blanco for 2 years to help relieve Barrett so he doesn’t wear down. Near the end of last season Barrett was struggling and could have used about 10-15 more days off, but with Bako as the only backup last year, Barrett was forced to play. The one thing I would like Barrett to work on during Spring Training this year is throwing out would be base stealers as he struggled at that aspect of his game last season.


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