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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Simulation league

Well the off-season is chugging along in IBL and after evaluating my team I am not sure that I will have a good season. I think I was fooling myself early on, but now I am becoming more of a realist. There is a lot of work I need done on my team and I just don't think I can achieve it. A few trades have gone sour and now COL has drafted the player I was hoping to move up and get OAK Crosby. I had been trying to keep a low profile about my interest on him, but now it doesn't matter. Now I have decided not to trade down I have to wait for the next 5 picks until my turn. My major needs are a LF vs. rh's, a #3 SP, a SS vs. rh's and a lefty relief pitcher. I am not sure what position I will fill with my next pick as I may just pick best person available since it is first round.
Also if anyone reading this remembers the old board game Pursue-the-Pennant and wants to join IBL we do have 1 opening as the owner of LAS had to quit after the season was over due to time constraints and we can always use some co-owners. Just send me an email if interested.


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