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Friday, February 04, 2005

Dave Hansen

Today the Cubs signed PH extraordinaire Dave Hansen to a minor league deal. Now a week ago I would have said there is no way on earth that Mr. Hansen would make the Cubs, but now I am not so sure. Since 1996 Hansen has had improved one year and decline the next in OPS: .524, .879, .806, .985, .721, .755, .691, and .716. So if he stays consistent and as the old cliché goes "history repeats itself" this year is going to be a down year for him and being under a .716 OPS is not worthy of a spot on the team especially when your job is to hit. The Sammy trade is official and by acquiring Jerry Hairston Jr. the Cubs have more flexibility to keep Hansen. I hope they don't keep him because his skills are declining and I think it will be the equivalent of the Lenny Harris signing two years back. Another reason he might stick is in winter league ball Dave Kelton injured his thumb. I don't know the extent of the injury so it might be very minor, as the Cubs think that he should be fine by camp.


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