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Sunday, January 30, 2005

OF Situation not looking so good.

Well I am all for getting rid of Sammy Sosa, but only if it means bringing in a better or equal product. It is not looking like that will happen. Hairston is not the best option at LF, so he will be splitting time at 2b with Walker and that doesn't really help us too much. The prospects the Cubs are supposedly getting are Crouthers and Fontenot are really not project to be anything better than end of the bench material. This then would leave us with 2 problems in the OF, LF and RF. Well LF looks like it will be Hollandsworth and Dubois which might not be too bad. As I think Dubois minor league numbers warrant him a shot during camp and if he does well then I think this might be a decent platoon. The problem is what might happen in RF. There are reports that the Cubs might be close to signing the dreaded Jeromy Burnitz if this trade goes through. UGH!!!! I don't know why they would want him or any team for that matter, but now I won't be able to razz him with my buddy Jack so it is a double whammy. It then becomes a triple whammy if we want to go as far as saying that Sosa would be going to my favorite AL team the Orioles which makes me mad that would I have to root him on again.


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