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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cubs win Spring Training Opener

Today in Arizona the Cubs won their first game of Spring Training. In what was mostly a very non-offensive game the Cubs won because of a 2-run homer by Aramis Ramirez. I was excited as I got to listen to this game on WGN radio today and it felt great listening to Pat and Ron on the radio (baseball is finally back). There was a scary moment in the 4th inning when Garciaparra was hit by a pitch and left the game, but it has been reported as only a bruise and he should be fine. I know it is earlier in the spring, but Jimmy Anderson and Michael Wuertz (whom every game counts) both pitched good games to help their plight to make the team. About the only negatives from the game I could take were: 1) Hairston was caught stealing, 2) no offense overall, 3) Patterson striking out already. Now as I stated earlier this is early in spring and none of this really matters, but wanted to talk about baseball.


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