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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

IBL Team Off-Season Update

Since the last update, my team has been very busy. I traded my 4-23 pick to COL for Julio Lugo who will step right in and become my new starting SS. This years card for FLA Gonzalez was just too bad to be in the lineup and I am finally throwing in the towel with him. With the 5-5 pick I traded that to WMS for OF Kielty who will be my starting RF vs. lefties. He plays good defense and has some power and allows me to put Magglio Ordonez at DH to avoid any injury to him. I also traded the recently acquired Raffey Palmeiro to CAP for Jeff Conine to help out against lefties with not too much of a one-sided split. I then had to trade the 6-1 pick because if I had not it would have not been able to be used because of a full 35 man roster.
With the 3-21 pick I got OF Termal Sledge. He was #1 on my list for that pick though I did not think he would last that long. I was at first upset about the pick and the way I made the list, but looking at my roster he actually fits well. He will platoon with Mench in LF this season and hopefully he does well with the Nationals or whomever he is traded to next year. Then with the 4-2 pick I had it down to 4 people: 1)Bucky Jacobsen who is a one year zoid card, but would have been very nice to have. 2) Jorge Piedra who did ok in his callup but could only hit the ball in Coors and that scared me. 3) Koyie Hill who will be given every chance to win the starting job in Arizona, but with Michael Barrett and Javey Lopez behind plate I decided to pass. 4) Erik Bedard the guy I picked. I took Bedard hoping last year was his tune-up year from surgery and he takes a step forward. He will be on a very short lease with me this year and if he has a disasterous year, he most likely might get cut at end of season.
My roster is set at 35 at the moment, but currently I am trying to trade one player and pick up another draft pick so I can draft 1 player that is still available. I think I should be able to contend for a playoff spot again which will be nice, but if my team falters early I will be dumping a lot of players and play for 2006.


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