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Monday, March 28, 2005

Minor trade and other moves

I have not written over the last week as my computer has been at Dell getting a major repair. The computer is back and so am I.

The Cubs made a minor trade the other day. The Cubs acquired catcher Mark Johnson from the Brewers for outfielder Travis Ezi. I don't know a thing about Ezi, but hopefully Johnson will be ticketed for Triple-A and won't have to come up unless Blanco gets hurt. I didn't say Michael Barrett because if he gets hurt and Johnson becomes his replacement, it is a major downgrade and will mean trouble for the Cubs.

Also the Cubs sent down prospects Angel Guzman and Ronny Cedeno to Iowa. Angel Guzman needs a few months if not most of the year down in Iowa before I think he will be ready. This is fine with me and I hope the Cubs organization makes sure that down in Iowa they don't overuse him, especially given the current conditions of injuries to the Cubs starters in the majors. Ronny Cedeno is a player I think needs 2 years down in the minors before he can hit major league hitting (that is if he ever can). Last year was the first year since 2000 that he showed he could semi-hit. The Cubs also returned C Casey Kopitzke and pitcher Jermaine Van Buren to minor league camp. None of the moves above were a surprise as before camp started none of those guys were slated to be on the opening day roster.


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