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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Cubs Update

Sorry for not posting this week, it was final's time and I was busy with my nose buried in the books.
This week the Cubs made a few roster moves, but none of them were surprising. IF's Mike Fontenot and Richard Lewis both were sent to Iowa. Hopefully one of those guys can break out this year while in Iowa as both now are looking like career utility guys at best. Richard Lewis had a good year in AA, but it was his first decent year since being drafted by the Braves a few years ago. Catcher Geovany Soto was sent to Iowa and now that Barrett has a couple year deal and Blanco signed for 2 years, it looks like the only chance Soto has with the Cubs is if there is an injury. Pitchers John Koronka and Russ Rohlicek also were given tickets back to Iowa. I don't think either pitcher is in the Cubs long term programs, but if I were to pick one it would be Rohlicek. The Cubs have also sent Bergeron, Danny, Jimmy Anderson, and Eddie Oropesa to minor league camp. What this means with their future with the Cubs I don't know as they may have in their contracts the ability to look for jobs elsewhere and even if they do I don't think it will both the Cubs much.
It looks like the bullpen spots for the 2nd lefty and last spot in the pen are still open. Wil Ohman who was my favorite to win the 2nd lefty spot has not done much to distinguish himself this training camp to make the team. So if the Cubs plan to keep a 2nd lefty they might have to acquire via trade. Also it looks like Chad Fox has won a spot in the bullpen, if he can stay healthy this is a very good cheap piece for the pen.


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