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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hagerty and Sisco Update

The Florida Marlins returned rule 5 pick Luke Hagerty today. He had struggled with a blister on his finger and control problems early in the camp. Hopefully the Cubs can get him back on track to where he was before surgery as he was one of our top prospects.
In other news the Royals have decided to keep Andy Sisco on their roster instead of returning him. This hurts more because as recently as last year Sisco was rated as one of our top 5 prospects in most reports. His attitude and weight were a concern for the Cubs and they decided to leave him unprotected. As a result of that he worked extra hard this off-season and lost a lot of the weight to prove the Cubs wrong. I do wish him the best with the Royals, but maybe if he struggles enough they will send him back to the Cubs.


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