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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Why did we get Hairston in the Sosa trade if we are not going to play him after we have had an injury? Nefi Perez is a not a really good bench player let alone starter. So what does Dusty Baker do the game after Todd Walker sprained his leg? He starts Nefi Perez. What does Dusty see in this guy? He prefers him to pinch hit off bench in most situations and now after an injury to Mr. Walker he prefers to start Perez over Hairston. I am grateful that he didn't feel obliged to start Macias, but that doesn't explain his rationale. Hairston said he was a little disappointed, but I would be willing to bet that is the understatement of year. I hope when we see tomorrow's lineup card it has Hairston starting at 2b and he continues to start until Walker is ready to start again.
Just add this to the list of reasons of why Dusty has to go......


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