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Monday, April 11, 2005

Home-Opener, why wasn't Aramis guarding line?

Well I was going to write last week, but got swamped with life stuff. I went to the home opener for the 18th time in 20 years and then right after drove to Ohio for a fantasy baseball draft.
So let me complain about the home opener. I know people are probably harping on Latroy Hawkins, but I don't think he is fully to blame for the loss. Yes I know he is the one that threw the ball and gave up the hits, but why with a man on 1st, isn't Aramis guarding the line? I know the batter was lefty, but who cares if Overbay gets the ball in the hole, the worst that happens is 1b with the runner on 1st going to 3rd. Had Aramis been guarding the line, I am not saying he would have gotten Overbay out at 1st, but since the ball was hit so weakly he would have at least knocked it down.
Then after coming in the 10th inning Leicester was just awful, he threw 53 pitches with only 24 strikes. We should have lost in the 10th, if it weren't for bad baserunning on the Brewers that led to the pop-out DP to Lee to end the inning. The next inning had Junior Spivey not grounded into a double play, the Cubs would have been in trouble there also as Leicester ended up walking 3 men that inning. So what does Dusty do? He brings him in again to start the 12th inning and after getting the first batter out he proceeded in giving up 2 singles. Then and only then he decided to take out Leicester for Wellemeyer. Why wouldn't Dusty bring in Wellemeyer to start the inning? Why wouldn't Dick Pole tell him that is what he should be doing? I have always felt that Dusty Baker wasn't the smartest manager, but now I am wondering about the guys he has around him and their brain power.


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