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Friday, April 22, 2005


Well by now everyone that reads this knows what happened to Nomar Garciaparra the other night. All I can say is ouch. I was watching the game and had actually stepped out of the room to answer the door (ordered some Thai). I heard Len Kasper say," and that is a double play and Nomar is not getting up." So I quickly paid the guy at the door and ran back to my TV (I don't know what life was like before DVR anymore) and rewound what I had missed. I instantly grimaced when I saw that. I have had some injuries in my life, I just had tendon replacement surgery on my hand, but that pain can't be half as bad as tearing the tendon off the bone in your groin area. I know they said he has 2 options, but I think for his future that surgery is the best option and if the Cubs can make it to playoffs, then maybe Nomar can be back in time to help them(disclaimer: I don't know if surgery or non-surgery would make it a faster return for him).

Now what are the Cubs going to do? Nefi Perez is going to step in at SS and Jerry Hairston Jr. finally gets his chance to start at 2b, but do you really expect to contend with middle IF like that? The Cubs did call up Ronny Cedeno (who has been doing very well in Triple-A this season), but I don't expect him to get many bats nor do I expect him to on the big league club long. The Cubs need to go out and find a team that has an extra SS because even though Nefi is doing well now; historically speaking he won't keep this up. He is a well below-average career batter and there are no indications that show this ability to hit will stay. I haven't examined MLB teams close enough to figure out who might be available, but I am going to do that over next day or so and write more on who I think the Cubs should go after.


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