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Friday, May 13, 2005

Please no Remlinger

First let me say happy birthday to my good buddy Mike Marron who turns 32 today. Happy Birthday.

Today I opened to page 3 of the sports section in the Tribune and saw that the Cubs are considering putting Remlinger in at closer if Dempster is not ready. I can't express how bad of an idea this is. When has Remlinger looked good in a Cubs uniform? I know he was very effective in Atlanta, but since coming to the Cubs he has been hurt and very ineffective, so why put him in at closer? I'd rather see him throw Bartosh in that situation and I am not very high on Bartosh. Hopefully Dempster's arm will be fine (I can't believe I am saying that) and we won't have to go through the experience of Remlinger as closer.

On another note, Joe Borowski activation might have taken a small setback due to rain. He was suppose to pitch back-back to games, but the was only able to get one out in the second game before it was rained out. In the first game Borowski also struggled for the first time since being activated. He is scheduled to pitch back-back again this weekend and then hopefully he will be activated (again can't believe I am saying this) and help out our struggling pen.


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