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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Carlos Zambrano

If Carlos Zambrano's MRI comes up with a blown arm, I am calling for all CUB Fans to call for Dusty's head (he should be fired for many other reasons also). Over the last 3 years Dusty has abused the Zambrano's arm (and all the other sp's for that matter) and has not listened to anyone about reducing his starting pitchers pitch counts. The other day Dusty was afraid to go to the pen with a 2-1 lead, so he kept Zambrano in the game to finish up with a total of 136 pitches being thrown to bring his average up to 111.4 pitches per game. Then in Zambrano's next start what happens, well after cruising through the first 3 innings in the 4th Zambrano started to struggle and then left with what the Cubs team as an alignment similar to "tennis elbow". I am hoping that it is nothing more than that, but knowing the Cubs history of lying and hurting their SP's arms I don't have much faith in it.
If Zambrano is out for an extended period of time the Cubs will be lucky to finish above .500 this season because of the other injuries, some of their below talent players on the team and the horrible manager on the team.


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