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Friday, June 10, 2005

Red Sox vs Cubs

Today the Red Sox come in town to face the Cubs in probably the best interleague match-up all year (and for those that don't know, I hate interleague play). Quick side note of why I hate interleague play, 2 major reasons: 1) The schedule is very unbalanced, some teams get to play TB or KC while others get stuck with the Red Sox or the White Sox, 2) When in the NL park it becomes a much bigger disadvantage for AL teams, then when in AL park for NL teams.
This will be the Red Sox first time ever in Wrigley and the last time these 2 teams met was in 1918 in the World Series (Red Sox won in 6) and was played in Comiskey Park due to more seating there. The history of both these teams and the agony of long droughts between championships also helps add to the intrigue of this series, though the Red Sox draught ended last year. I expect there to be as many Boston fans in the stands as Cub fans, as both fans are fanatics and would be willing to do almost anything to support their teams.
I expect the series to be full of excitement and have a few crazy plays happen during it. One thing though that is a let down is that Matt Clement won't be pitching in the series. I think that would have been great for him, the series, and the Cub fans, as I would expect when he took the field he would get a standing ovation from the Cub fans for the job he did hear the last few years. Though I understand Francona has a job to do and that is winning, not schedule rotation for Clement to pitch at Wrigley Field.


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