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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ron Santo

I was hoping to look online today and see that Ron Santo finally got into the Hall of Fame, but as I said I was hoping. I knew that he wouldn’t because the Veteran’s Committee is a joke and should be overhauled. I say this not because of just Ron Santo, but since the last overhaul to the committee there has not been anyone voted in. If they are not going to vote anyone in (and some of these gentlemen deserve to be in), then why have them?

It was nice though to see that he is getting closer to getting in and maybe after the next vote he can get in. I don’t know what else he has to do, his numbers for his era and for a 3b are some of the best out there. The fact that he did it with diabetes in that time is another incredible achievement. He may not be the greatest announcer (as in getting what is going on in game), but he is one of the greatest ambassasdor’s for the game and hopefully next time the Committee will see that. I haven’t read any reactions of his yet (if there are any out), but I am sure he will be disappointed, but at the same time keeping going on. His love for the Cubs and baseball is something that almost no other Cub fan can ever achieve and I hope, no I know, this won’t break Ron’s spirits.


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