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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Was I wrong

Boy was I wrong in that last column I wrote. I have been taking time to reflect on what happened and all I can come up with is that the Cubs need a total REHAUL of the whole team. This team has proven it cannot handle the pressure in the playoffs. Why? I have no clue, they win all year, get paid enough cash, but come crunch time they just suck.

My next question, is why did Lou have the rotation that he had? You need to put your BEST pitcher starting first, so why didn't Rich Harden start g1? They had plenty of time to set that up with their record in regular season. Then throw Dempster 2nd because he was lights out in Wrigley. Game 3 should have been Ted Lilly with Zambrano going g4 or Harden if his arm was up for it. Don't worry about how Carlos feels by not going in the top 2 guys starting, this is al about winning and winning now and the Cubs staff wasn't put in the best situation to do so.

There were many other problems, like not taking pitches, walking other guys, not hitting, awful fielding, so there are many things that need fiing.


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