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Friday, July 15, 2005

Cubs Update:

Sorry I have not written in a week, but it was finals time for me this week and I had ton of studying to do and I figured it was All-Star break time so why not take a few days off.

Now getting back to the Cubs, they should either play Ronny Cedeno or send him down. He is not getting any better by sitting on the bench doing nothing. I think he should be playing, but as long as Dusty is manager that is not going to happen, so why doesn’t Hendry get smart and let Cedeno keep developing in the minors? I’d say I wouldn’t mind him being on the bench if he was getting in the games and getting some pa’s, but he is not.

Also today the Cubs placed Adam Greenberg on the 15-day DL and brought up Ben Grieve (Sean smile). Adam didn’t really get a chance to prove himself after getting drilled in the head in his first major league at-bat and I hope he recovers soon, not so much for the Cubs, but for himself. Grieve helps the Cubs bench out as he is a good lefty pinch hitter and can give Burnitz a few days off in this hot summer.

All we need now is for the Jose Macias ERA to end.


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