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Monday, August 01, 2005

Cubs Trade

Just when I was getting real happy for the Cubs acquiring Jody Gerut (future reasons), the Cubs go and trade him for Matt Lawton. I don't think Matt Lawton is going to really help the Cubs at this point of the season, but I am very happy this was the deal that was made and that Soriano is not a Cub. I know that was a rumor, but it was an awful one. For a team with a low OBP, Soriano was not a good choice for them. Also his defense is bad and though he is batting .280 he is in a batters park so that surely would decline if he came to Chicago.

Matt Lawton will probably start in LF, but I think that is where the Cubs are very wrong. I think the Cubs would be better off with Matt Murton out in LF, but for some odd reason the Cubs won't start him everyday (hmm... Dusty maybe?).


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