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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just got back: Cubs update

Sorry again, I went to the Cayman Islands with my wife to celebrate our anniversary and I didn't bring anything for computer access while I was down there. I am back now and will have much more frequent updates.

Well Jason Dubois was traded while I was gone for Jody Gerut. As much as I wanted to see Jason succeed with the Cubs, the AL is a better place for him (DH), and in the long run I think the Cubs get the better player. Gerut is still recovering from his torn ACL at the end of last season and I don't think the fans will see him at 100% until next season. He hits the ball well into the gaps, has some speed, and is very good defensively.

Again I hate to say this, but send down Ronny Cedeno or play him. He is not helping the Cubs or himself by sitting on the bench doing nothing. I figure he will be going to AAA in a week when Nomar returns, but I'd like him to get all the pa's in he can. Speaking of Nomar, I think that the Cubs should make him stay in the minors until he is hitting the ball well. Don’t just say he will get 20 pa's and then be up. He wasn't hitting well in the beginning of the year, so the Cubs need to make sure he is ready to return.

Play Matt Murton in LF. He is hitting well all year and Todd Hollandsworth has started to struggle. So let's see if Murton is ready for the majors, it is not going to hurt at the moment to replace Todd's bat for a week or so and it might help Todd find his stroke again.

Scott Williamson is getting close to returning to the Cubs which probably means Mitre will be sent back down. This is beneficial in many ways. First I think if Scott can pitch 85-90% as good as in the past the Cubs have themselves a very dependable set-up man. Next it gives Mitre a chance to start in the minors and get more innings in. He is young and needs innings, I also know I have been hard on him in the past, but I am starting to think he can be a good innings eater starter.

Hairston has done a good job since taking over in CF. I still am not too high on him either, but if he keeps his OBP up and reduces his caught stealing than my opinion will easily be changed. It looks like the job will be his for a while as Patterson has not done too well in the minors yet, but hopefully for him and the Cubs he does.

Kerry Wood looks like he will be out for a while, but this might be a blessing in disguise for him and the Cubs as I think Kerry can be a very effective closer. They say there is some fraying in the labrum, hopefully it is not too bad and he can return. This then lets the Cubs start Rich Hill who looks ready for the majors. I know about 2 months ago I said he needed more time in the minors, but after watching him come out of pen and then start the other night I am convinced he is ready. Another bonus is that Jerome Williams has an opportunity to stay in the rotation which I think in the long run will pan out for the Cubs (though there may be a few bumpy starts this year).

As I write this I see Dusty still sucks as he left Carlos Zambrano in to pitch the 8th as he blows the lead. Carlos wasn't the sharpest today and gave up a ton of base runners so why not go to the pen? One more reason why Dusty needs to go.


  • Since the All-Star break Hairston has struggled as well. If I were manager, I'd only play him in night games where his stats are vastly superior to games under the sunshine. I think he doesn't see the ball as well during the day.

    By Blogger Tom, at 8:56 AM  

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