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Monday, March 05, 2007

Cub Rantings

I know that it is only spring training, but the Cubs are not off to a good start. Today getting shellacked by the White Sox and have still yet to win a game. The good thing about it is mostly the guys getting hit hard and the errors made on the field are from players most likely not to be on the team. Mateo and Marmol, who were both long-shots to begin with, were hit in their first appearances and need to show something more if they expect to be even consider for the last spot in the pen.

Wade Miller started the other day and did semi-decent, though I read at that his velocity was still down. I am really hoping that Mark Prior shows something this spring to take the 5th spot in the rotation because I have more faith in Prior than I do in Miller. I don’t think Miller can be effect over a season if his velocity does not increase.

Matt Murton has been starting in LF because Cliff Floyd still isn’t ready for game duty, and the Cubs expect him to start around March 10 or so. Hopefully Murton keeps hitting well and earns more playing time for the upcoming season.

Another thing I wanted to comment on is Michael Barrett giving $10,000 for every homer he hits to Lee’s Project 3000. I think more players on the team should do the same, maybe not the same dollar amount or even same charity and then the Cubs organization should match the amount. This would be great for the community and charities and would also be nice publicity for the Cubs and the Tribune Company. If the Cubs hit 200 homers (that would be near a 25% increase over last year), it would cost them $2,000,000 to help good causes and make people feel like they are giving back to the public.


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