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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why sign Joey Gathright?

I am not sure in what category the Cubs think that signing Joey Gaithright was an upgrade anywhere? He has never been good offensively and with Felix Pie out of options, it isn't likely he can help.
Rumors about the Cubs trying to sign Milton Bradley make more sense to me than the above signing. Milton will bring a switch hitter to the lineup and when healthy is one of the top hitters in the league. He has a problem with self control at times, but I have a feeling that Lou Pinella will be able to help keep him in place.
As I said 2 years ago when the Cubs signed Jason Marquis that in his 3rd year of the contract they would be begging anyone to take him. It looks like that is true now, but I don't take any credit because almost everyone else in the baseball world said the same thing.


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