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Monday, August 01, 2005

Ryne's Speech

Congrats to Ryne Sandberg for officially being inducted into the Hall-of-Fame. I have to say his speech was one of the best speeches I have heard for the HOF. He was always a professional on the field and off and his speech reflected that. Ryne told of how the game was and should be played, he spoke of how it was his job (he loved) and didn't try to hit homers all the time and didn't do things for the camera. Ryne said that the HOF Committe electing him said it showed he played the game a certain way and he wasn't so sure of that, but he did play the game with "Respect". He later spoke of respect for the sport and how it is gone today and hopefully will return in the future. Also he spoke of how his greatest thing ever to happen to him, which was his wife Margret and to me that shows just the type of outstanding person he is.

So Ryne thanks for all the years of joy you gave me watching you as a child growing up. I even remember where I was when the trade to the Cubs was announced. I was in my parent's kitchen with my father and I remember being upset because Ivan Dejesus at the time was one of my favorite players (not sure why). How wrong was I. Thank you Ryne and may you continue to live a happy life.


  • Yeah, his speech was great. The respect for the game has definitely waned over the years. Not in everyone, but as a whole I believe it has.

    By Blogger Graham, at 1:45 AM  

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