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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not a good day at office for Cubs pitchers. Other notes.

Today wasn't a good day on the mound for either Wade Miller or Kerry Wood, though Wood has the worst day of the two. Along with Mark Prior sucking in his last appearance the race for who is going to be 5th sp not really enticing (I know Wood going to be a relief pitcher).
From what I have read Mark Prior's velocity is down a lot. This should be a concern to the Cubs and us fans. Why? Well it just means that he probably will never be worthwhile, not even as a relief pitcher if he doesn't turn it around. I don't know if his shoulder is shot or if he just doesn't give a damn. I sometimes think that he has money now and just doesn't try in the off-season to build up his arm strength so he is not coming into camp throwing 85-87 mph.

Felix Pie is hitting the ball well this spring and hopefully can keep it up. I don't think he will keep hitting at this pace (.421), but if he keeps doing well, the Cubs might give him an early call-up this year and move Soriano to RF and take Jones out of the lineup. This I think not only would make the lineup better, but also help the team improve defensively.


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