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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mike Cameron and other tidbits

I have been reading that the Cubs are interested in getting Mike Cameron to take over the Center field spot. With Mike, you know not to expect too much in hitting for average, expect a lot of strike outs, and get some above average defense in center field. The problem is that he will command a bunch of money and Hendry will probably want to give him a 3 year contract. He will be 37 in a month and if Bill James predictions amount to anything he expects him to decline to the point offensively he won't be worth the money Hendry is going to offer.

Instead of going for Cameron, how about this, sign a RF that produces some runs, keep Fukodome in CF and re-sign Reed Johnson to platoon with Fukodome in CF. Reed can't hit righties too well and Fukodome can't hit lefties at all. Then trade Milton Bradley for Pat Burrell (if that rumor has any legs to it) and then either keep Burrell for 4th OF and ph or trade him for another player with more mobility or ability to start at 2b.

The Cubs have also been rumored to be interested in either Mike Gonzalez or Rafael Soriano from the Braves. While both have been offered arbitration, it would be worth signing one of the to split the duties with Carlos Marmol in the late innings. I am not sure if the Cub's first round pick is protected, but even if it is not signing one of these guys would tremendously upgrade the Cubs bullpen.


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