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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Angel Guzman and other news

Well it looks like Angel Guzman doesn't have an angel looking over him. This poor guy has had more injuries derail what was a really promising career. Now it he has a tear in his shoulder that has an unpredictable recovery rate for surgery or he can try to rehab it without surgery, but that also will take a while. Now what gets me angry is the Ricketts family bought this team and won't spend any money on free agents. Kiko Calero would have been a perfect fit in our bullpen and signed a minor league deal with the Mets yesterday worth up to 1.5 million if he makes team and hits performance bonuses. Unless it has been Kiko's dream to pitch for the Mets, the Cubs could have offered him 1.5 million with a major league roster and say up to 800K in performance bonuses or even given him 2 years. I am pretty sure he would have taken that deal, it would have had the Cubs covered due to any injury (which they never seem to plan for) and it would have still been better than the deal they gave John Grabow this off-season. The Cubs could sure use Michael Wuertz now as he was given away and has now turned into a pretty solid reliever in Oakland (Thanks Hendry).

Wow, Carlos Silva looked like everything I thought he would out on the mound. Hopefully if he has a few more outings like this they Cubs just let him go. Honestly, if they consider themselves contenders, Carlos Silva should not be anywhere near the final 25-man roster. The good thing about today's game was Carlos Marmol struck out 2 guys and did not walk a batter. That is progress. That is about all I watched today as I had to go to airport to pick up wife and while listening to it on radio, I decided I didn't want to watch what I dvr'ed when I got back.


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