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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just an idea

I saw the other day that the Atlanta Braves designated OF Ryan Church for assingment. I think he would be a great fit for the Cubs. He can step in and start when needed without hurting the team and would fill many needs. He would be a good lefty bat off the bench, a good baserunner and lastly he isn't bad on defense. I know in past he has had some injuries, including the lingering concussion problem, but it is not like he will command 10 million dollars a year.
I have also read lately that the Milton Bradley trade talks haven't progressed and if the Cubs want to get anything useful for him, it is becoming more evident that they will need to eat more of his salary. I would almost say with his talent the Cubs should keep him if they can't get anything for him, but this is a time where I would say it is definitely "addition by subtraction". I know Luis Castillo isn't much these days, but he may be better than putting Mike Fontenot at 2b as the starter.


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