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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cubs - Update

I have been busy working for my buddy doing some computer work and have just been dismayed at the Cubs play. Sorry for not writing.

The Cubs have brought Patterson back up and I am glad to see that he is swinging the bat a little better. I still think he is trying to hard and need to relax a little more.

I hear that Ramirez might be playing injured and that is great, but it looks like he is not even trying out there. He just has looked in a daze for the last 10 days, maybe he is remembering his days as a Pirate. Doesn't Baker see this? Bench him for a couple games, yell at him, do something because something needs to change and fast.
Also I am all for Derek Lee and his great season, but don't you think a day off would be nice for the man? If there is any chance of the Cubs making the playoffs, Derek is going to be in top form the last 2 weeks of the year. So why not give him a couple games off in August to keep him fresher as it has been a very hot and humid summer in Chicago.
I am glad Cedeno was sent back to the minors so he will be able to get more pa's as Baker was insistent on leaving him on the bench. I think he will be a decent SS in his major league career and hopefully Baker won't be around to block him from batting.
Matt Murton is a guy who I think should be sent back to the minors and replaced with Ben Grieve because he needs to get more at-bats as he has not been in professional baseball long and Baker might even use Grieve to PH.
So when are the Cubs going to fire Baker? I hope soon, but probably not until the end of the season. It looks like the Cubs have thrown in the book for the season and look kind of shell shocked. Baker says he was thinking about starting Wood again (I know since rescinded), hello anyone in there Dusty?
When is Larry Rothschild going to be held accountable for the pitching? No one throws strikes and looks like they always are trying to strike out everyone. It doesn't look like he has done a thing during the season to work with them and improve their mechanics or approach to hitters. He might have a great reputation, but he isn't doing much with the Cubs pitchers.


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