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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cubs Update: Murton maybe LF 2006

The Cubs are finally starting to come around to the idea that they might have a LF next season in Matt Murton. He has made Dusty play him by hitting and just hasn't stopped. Hopefully with this experience under his belt he can mature into a LF that will help the Cubs for many years. He is going to be the bright spot in the Garciaparra trade for the Cubs not Nomar himself. Matt needs to improve some defensively, but I see him being a very good #2 batter for the Cubs next year.

Also Jerome Williams is making a case for staying in the rotation next season. He has been very inconsistent since joining the Cubs, making a decent start and then coming back with a below average start. Williams this month has been on the money for the most part and looks to have found the confidence he had lost earlier this year in San Francisco. Williams had some off-season family issues that didn't help him and came into camp out of shape and he has acknowledged that and says he is determined to come to camp in shape next year.

My Corey Patterson update: It looks as if Corey's last days as a Cub are coming soon. I know the team publicly is supporting him, but it just looks as if he is stuck and needs a fresh start. Every time it looks like he might be starting to improve his hitting he finds some other area to screw up in. I wish him the best as I don't think he deserves the boo's, but Corey needs to find a hitting coach that he will listen to and soon or he will end up like Ruben Mateo, Oddibe McDowell, Jerome Walton, etc...


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