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Friday, August 26, 2005

Cedeno back up

The Cubs have brought back up Cedeno and he actually got a start in his first game up. I am hoping they give him more of a shot, but Dusty is hell-bent on giving playing time to Nefi Perez. If Hendry starts dumping players though, I think that Baker won't have much choice, but to start playing the young guys. I also think this is the route they need to go. I say bring up Pie (when he is unhurt), Murton, Greenberg, Cedeno( now up), Aardsma, Hill, and Van Buren and let me show what they have. Hendry and the Cubs need to see what these young prospects can do and hopefully they can do something.
Also coming this off-season the Cubs lose a lot of salary that is on the books (Sosa, Remlinger, Burnitz, Hawkins, Garciaparra) and hopefully they will spend some of their savings wisely and build a team that plays fundamentally sound and hopefully competitive baseball. There have been rumors that the Cubs are interested in Furcal, but I think with Cedeno they have the same player, but much cheaper. I do think signing Brian Giles to a 2 year deal would be a wise investment as long as it wasn't much more than what Burnitz makes a season. Everyone knows I like Patterson and hope he comes around, but if he does not start showing signs of improvement in September, it might be time to part ways. The Cubs pen needs a complete overhaul. I like Ohman and Wuertz, but Wuertz has been brutal as of late, but I also think Baker overused him early and now he is just exhausted. I don't think Dempster is the answer at closer and Williamson still needs time to get in form, though I might try to sign Williamson to another 1 year deal.


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