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Monday, September 12, 2005

Cubs: Update

Wow, I hadn't realized I have been such the lazy person lately and not posted a thing in 2 weeks. I have been swamped, but that is no reason to be so out of touch.

The Cubs have decided to finally show up and play some baseball. During the road trip the Cubs put on a display that actually looked like the team they had advertised all year long. Winning 8 of 10 on the road trip, the Cubs now only sit 5 1/2 out of the wildcard. I think the only chance they have of getting in is probably winning all but 2 of their remaining games and a lot of help from other teams. The chances of this happening are very very slim and I don't expect them to happen, but I will cheer for it to happen. It would be awesome if they could make such an amazing comeback from the dead, but as I stated earlier I don't think it will happen.

Ronny Cedeno finally gets some at-bats and then get hits on the hand and probably breaks a bone. Hopefully it heals fast and maybe Ronny can go and play some winter ball to get ready for next season. I think he will be a good piece to the Cubs in the future, but sometimes I wonder if the cubs actually think so.

Matt Murton should be starting every game out in LF and should be batting higher than 8th. This guy just can get on base and looks to have the pose of a savvy veteran at the plate. Currently batting .342 he is leaving Dusty no choice, but to start him everyday. I wonder if Dusty ever thinks back at what it would be like now if he had started Murton those 30 or so games that he just left him on the bench for Hollandsworth.

Corey Patterson, a favorite of mine, might have to go. He has struggled all year and now is saying that he is not sure if he wants to go to winter league to try to improve his batting. If anything Corey should want to go and try to improve without the Cubs even having to ask, but instead he is not committing.


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