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Friday, November 18, 2005

Roster moves

The Cubs have made some moves to finalize their 40 man roster for the rule v draft.

Listed Below are the Cubs that were added to the roster (alphabetically position player/pitchers):
1b Brian Dopirak
3B Scott Moore
OF Felix Pie
C Jose Reyes
P Carlos Marmol
P Sean Marshall
P Ricky Nolasco
P Jae Kuk Ryu

There are a few people not on this list that might be a little surprising are Bobby Brownlie, Brandon Sing. I don't think Brownlie can make a team and stay up the whole season nor has he shown much potential, so I don't think the Cubs risk anything there. Sing I don't know a thing about defensively and he may be stuck behind Lee and Dopirak, but I think the Cubs might have been able to trade to him to an AL team for something (than again maybe no one will take him).

The Cubs then outrighted the following three guys: Mike Fontenot, Richard Lewis,Russ Rohlicek. All three of these guys are easily replaced with anyone in the minor leagues. Besides being former 1st round picks neither Fontenot nor Lewis have done a thing to earn a spot on the 40-man roster. Rohlicek is a lefty reliever without much control and became expendable with the signing of Eyre.

The Cubs outfielder Adam Greenberg was designated for assignment, meaning the Cubs have 10 days to trade him or he becomes a FA. I feel a little sorry for Adam as his only at-bat was a ball to the head, but hopefully he can catch on somewhere and do well off the bench. I was hoping (ok dreaming) the Cubs would do the same to Jose Macias, but I think he has a life time contract with the Cubs as long as Hendry/Baker are in town.


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