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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nefi Perez

Well I am back. Hopefully someone still checks this site out. I have been swamped with a bunch of stuff and it being the beginning of the off-season I took a hiatus.

What in the world is Hendry thinking? Not only did he re-sign Nefi Perez, he gave him a 2-year contract worth 2.5 each year. I could understand a 1 year, maybe 1 million dollar contract, but now we are stuck with a no defense and no hitting middle infielder, whom Dusty Baker will get into at least 100 games. I am going on record now, I don't care who the Cubs get, if Nefi plays 100 games, the Cubs will not even finish .500. One might say that would only happen with many injuries to the team so that won't happen, but Dusty loves playing vets. I don't understand why the Cubs wouldn't save money to sign a real FA and have Ronny Cedeno play that role if they don't think he can start. The one good thing about this is maybe the Jose Macias era will end and if not then McPhail needs to step into Hendry's office instantly and fire him.

Speaking of signings the Cubs overpaid for Ryan Dempster. I know he converted most of his save opportunities, but when he entered the game I had the same feeling in my gut as I did when Mitch Williams would come in for a save. I understand that Dempster's control is much better than Williams was, but he just didn't instill confidence in me for him out there. Also by signing him means that the Cubs most likely won't try to acquire a reliever to close, ala BJ Ryan or Billy Wagner.

The other signing this off season for Rusch, is still a reward from what he did in 2004. Last season he wasn't nearly as effective and starting in August he gave up 68 hits in 49.2 innings along with 12 hr's and an ERA of 5.80. I understand offering him a 1 year deal for about 2.5 million, but a 2 year deal and telling him he has a legitimate shot at the rotation is the wrong thing to do (unless Hendry lied about that).

The Cubs have a lot to do this off season to improve their team to be any type of contender. In the next couple of days I will write about who I think Hendry should attempt to sign. Also I will try and give some winter league stats.


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