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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sign Howry

Today the Cubs signed Bobby Howry to a 3 year deal worth 12 million dollars. I think the Cubs could have spent this money on improving the bench or a LF, CF or SS replacement. I understand shoring up bullpen, but if Cubs wanted to do that they would have been a major player for BJ Ryan instead of Scott Erye and then signing Howry might have made more sense to me. What the Cubs essentially did was add 2 average relievers for the next 3 years for a total of 23 million dollars. Also what worries me about him is his drop in strikeout per 9 innings last season going from 8.23 to 5.92. This is usually a sign of arm problems or even just a loss of velocity or even just a loss of physical ability. I think by the end of both these contracts management is going to wish they had a mulligan.

I am hoping now that Hendry turns his attention to FLA Pierre as I would rather have him than Johnny Damon for what he and his agent are asking for. I know he may not be the ultimate CF, but since 2001 Pierre has hit 200+ hits 3 times and that would definitely fix the problem at leadoff and CF. If they can achieve this I think the next place they need to shore up is RF. Currently we have no one on the 40 man roster to play RF and finding a good RF might cost some money, so I think bypassing a SS for fixing the RF position should take priority. I am convinced given the opportunity Ronny Cedeno can make a decent SS and we still have Todd Walker under contract for the year at 2b.


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