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Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Cuts

I have been a little bit sick lately and haven't really felt well enough to write, but feeling much better today. Over the last few days the Cubs have made some roster moves and again none of them surprising.
The first of the moves was sending Felix Pie to AAA. I think this is the smartest thing they have done in a while. He needs more time to learn to bat and there is no need to rush him like they did with Corey Patterson and ruin him. Some Cub fans might disagree, but as I said a few weeks earlier I don't think that they will win many games and this is the best action for the future. The next cuts made that day were assigning the following guys to minor league camp: Koyie Hill, Tomas Perez (thank goodness),Les Walrond.
Then this morning the Cubs sent Mark Prior, Rocky Cherry and Angel Pagan all to the minor leagues. While I love Angel Pagan's name, it might be best that he is not on the roster at the moment. He had a great spring last year, but after that he got injured and didn't show much after that. Rocky is a guy who had a great spring this year, but from the beginning of the camp was a huge longshot to make the team. While Mark Prior going down would have been a shock from the start of the camp, as things played out and with Wade Miller becoming the 5th starter there was no room on the roster for him. Hopefully he goes to Iowa with an open mind and becomes a glimpse of his former self.
The Cubs still have Juan Mateo on the roster, but he will be sent down to the minors and probably open season there on DL. Kerry Wood and Angel Guzman are fighting for the last spot on the roster (not really), with Guzman probably going to win and Wood go on DL. The reason Guzman is going to win, is because Wood shoulder hasn't been as cooperative as it should be and might have to once again start the year on the DL trying to strengthen it.


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