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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Prior sucks again, maybe an Angel can save us

Well Mark Prior went out there again yesterday and didn't look good. Once again he couldn't get any of his breaking stuff over the plate and his velocity was that of a turtle. He had a quote on the Chicago Cubs website about his velocity that cracked me up, "I'm not worried about the velocity," Prior said. "It'll come. It's not something you lose."
If velocity is something you don't lose, then how come he doesn't have it? And I would like him to ask other pitchers that have had continuous shoulder problems if they have lost velocity and if it ever came back. A lot of times it doesn't and when it doesn't, Mark is either going to have to learn how to actually pitch the ball or he will become another one of the many 1st round flops the Cub's have had.

Angel Guzman put in three solid innings of work and has looked good all spring. He has put himself in the running for the 5th starting spot and if he continues to pitch the way he is, the Cubs will have to give it to him ahead of Wade Miller or Mark Prior. I know I would rather have Angel over Wade, and if Mark keeps up at this pace then I would surely want Angel of Mark.


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