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Monday, March 19, 2007

Michael Wuertz and other pitching updates

Lou Piniella announced today that Michael Wuertz has made the team unless he gets injured before the end of spring training. I think this is a great decision because as people who know me, I am very high on Wuertz as a setup man. I know that Bob Howry is the primary setup man now and he has done a good enough job to keep it, but if he gets hurt or needs a day off I currently have more faith in Wuertz, than I do Kerry Wood.

Wade Miller has won the job for the 5th starter in the rotation. While I am not high on him, there are plenty worse guys out there to have as a 5th starter. Hopefully Wade can get his velocity up a little bit as the Cubs get into the season and can show that he is worthy of staying in the rotation.

It looks like another season with both Mark Prior and Kerry Wood trying to build up arm strength and most likely to start the season on the DL. The Cubs are saying Wood's arm problem is just a strain, but we all know how accurate the information the Cub's give out about injuries. Mark Prior, well he just has no velocity and isn't pitching well either. He is regressing at an ever speedy pace and I wonder if he can ever turn it around.


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