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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Prior leaves game early

Well this isn't the news the Cubs or the fans wanted to hear, but today Mark Prior left his extended spring training start after only 2 innings with shoulder discomfort. Prior is scheduled to go see Dr. Yocum later to check on his shoulder. I am positive it will reveal he needs some type of surgery thus probably putting the end to his career as a Cub. I don't want to blame Baker, but in 2003 he did ride him and Wood for all they had and they haven't been the same since. With this injury and Wade Miller not looking sharp, I am wondering if the Cubs will send Miller to the pen for long relief and let Angel Guzman become the starting pitcher. If they are going to do that I would bring up a pitcher and send down Guzman for 2 starts to stretch out his arm. I think they have a better chance to win with Guzman as a starter then they do with Miller.


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