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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I was out of town this weekend in Dayton, Ohio for a baseball draft (I know a little late) and missed watching all 3 games. I did see the first 4 innings on Friday before leaving and listening to Zambrano meltdown on the mound. As much as I like Carlos, he needs to see a shrink or get his head on straight some other way. He gets too emotional and when things go bad for him he tries to reach for that something extra and if the first guy he does that to gets on it is over for him. I know Lou probably didn't want that sound bite from after that game to be replayed over and over, but it was the truth and maybe the Cubs will start to listen. The next game which they won was on draft day and the only game on at the house I was at was the Indians vs. White Sox game, so I payed more attention to the draft. I then heard the 3rd game on the Reds radio station on the way home (which was some very good listening I might add), but that ended up being a wasted effort by Lilly since the offense decided not to show up at all.
So why the UGH?
Well last night as I was bowling for a buddies team, I see on the screen above me, the team's major signing looking injured. Alfonso Soriano is suppose to get an MRI today to see the extent of his left hamstring injury, but according to Soriano expects to miss at least 5 days, which isn't good when a player is saying that. I expect to get more grim news today and hear that he is out for about at least 3-4 weeks with more than a minor strain (hopefully I am wrong). If that is the case, I fully expect to see Felix Pie up in the majors in the next few days.


  • Tell me about it Brother. I hate when things look bleak in April. Maybe May will bring a good run.

    By Anonymous Ariane, at 9:20 PM  

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