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Friday, July 20, 2007

Cubs make some minor moves

Today Daryle Ward went on the 15-day DL with a strained right calf and I don't really know how he got hurt on that play, but I guess he did. To replace him the Cubs brought up Scott Moore who will probably stay as long as Derek Lee is serving his suspension. I suspect after that is over that the Cubs will swap him and Ronny Cedeno. Since Izturis is gone the Cubs need a backup SS and Cedeno makes the most logical sense. Though in the past Scott Moore did play SS, so maybe if he shows in 4 games that he can him MLB pitching, they will keep him up.
The Cubs then sent Sean Gallagher back to Iowa and activated Ryan Dempster. Gallagher got the save the other day by going 4 innings in relief for Carlos Zambrano. This move strengths the pen (yeah I know I said it) and not because of getting Dempster back as closer, but it keeps Scott Eyre further down in on the bench. With 2 inexperienced minor league pitchers on the team there was a chance of Scott getting in a useful game. Now he is further down behind, Dempster, Marmol, Wuertz, Howry and even Ohman (Oh-Man). And even better news is that Kerry Wood is pitching well in the minors while getting the ball up to 95 mph. If he can come up and provide some relief that would make Scott the last guy on the bench and maybe the team will even see fit then to just eat the rest of his contract.


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