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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cubs trade for Kendall

The other day the Cubs acquired Jason Kendall from the Oakland A's. The Cubs traded Rob Bowen and Jerry Blevins to them and received some cash to pay for the 13 million that Kendall is due this season.
My thoughts on the trade are that while Jason Kendall is washed up and probably not worth 3 million a year, he is still better then the combination of players the Cubs were throwing behind the plate. Kendall is known to be a good pitch caller and is a better 2nd half player. Taking this into consideration it was no brainer for the Cubs. You are probably thinking, didn't you say he was washed up? Well yes I did, but a washed up Kendall is still better than what the Cubs were putting behind the plate. The only problem I really have with this trade right now is that Jerry Blevins got traded. Why you ask? Well it is not that I think he will be a great pitcher, though I hope he becomes one, it is because he went to the University of Dayton, my alma mater. I had been following his progress in the minors and was hoping he would get a chance to play in Wrigley one day, he still may, just probably not in a Cub's uniform. This deal also allows the Cubs to send down Geovany Soto when Ryan Dempster is available to come off DL.


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