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Monday, May 28, 2007

When is Lou gonna learn?

Why doesn't Lou let Michael Wuertz go 2 innings when he is pitching well? Instead he goes to Howry or Eyre, both of whom have really sucked this year. Not only did Howry and Eyre blow it for them LA, today Eyre came in and gave up 2 runs in less then 2 innings which turned out to be the runs that lost the game 5-3. The Cubs gave both of them too big of contracts last off season and I think that they should put Howry in long relief to see if he can get back into form and well my opinion on what to do with Eyre is not as nice. They should eat his contract as he is done. He has pitched too many times and innings over last few seasons it looks like and he really doesn't have anything left.


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