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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Throw Strikes

I don't get how a pitcher can't just throw strikes when they need to. There is no reason the Cubs should have lost last night, but thanks to Mr. Wuertz (a pitcher I really like) decided to walk the last 3 guys he faced. His last pitch on the 3-2 count wasn't even close, which as a fan really ticks me off. Just throw the ball down the middle, if he hits a hr, so be it, but don't walk in the winning run. That is just obscene. The Cubs are destroying the Mets in g2 as I write this so it will be up to tomorrow's game to see if the Cubs can win the series.

In other news Rocky Cherry was optioned to Iowa and the Cubs brought up IF Mike Fontenot who had 2 plate appearances last year. This is a good move for the Cubs I think because
overall there starters have gone long enough in games that there is no need for 12 pitchers and with Derek Lee out for another game or so, having another bat off the bench couldn't hurt (unless it was Jose Macias or Nefi Perez).


  • How funny to think Macias and Perez have turned into Ward and Floyd. What a difference having an actual baseball mind in charge makes.

    By Blogger Graham, at 7:07 PM  

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