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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Angel Guzman

According to the Cubs are going to let Angel Guzman have 2 starts down in AAA Iowa and if he does well might bring him back up to replace Wade Miller. This would be a very smart move as Wade Miller hasn't shown much this year and I don't think it is due to a lack of trying. Unfortunately injuries haven't been kind to Miller and I don't think he can be an effective starter anymore. Angel on the other hand I think can be a very helpful addition to the rotation.

Also yesterday Felix Pie played in his first major league game and looked pretty good. He had an RBI double and threw a man out at the plate. I think if he can keep it up it would be wise to keep him in CF when Soriano is healthy and put Jones on the bench and Soriano out in LF so he doesn't have to run as much and hopefully doesn't re-injure his hammy.


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