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Monday, May 14, 2007

New York Mets Series: A Good Test

This upcoming series with the Mets is a good test to see if the Cubs are going to have any chance to compete this year. The Cubs are 35 games into the season, which is a little more than 20% of the season being done. At this point I would have to say the Cub fans are a little disappointed in the record at the moment. That being said the Cubs did start out much worse than their record is now. The Mets at the moment are 10 games above .500 and the Cubs will be facing Glavine, Maine and Jorge Sosa, while throwing Marquis, Zambrano and Hill against them. If the Cub's can win 2 of 3 in this series it would bring them back to .500, but hopefully some confidence in winning a series verse a very good team on the road.
To win the series the Cubs need to do a few things: First thing is they need a very strong performance out of Zambrano because without him improving they have no shot this season. Secondly they need to run the bases much better, I understand that Soriano was favoring his hammy, but in knowing that, he shouldn't have tried to score. It is small mental mistakes like that, that cost the Cubs runs and kills rallies and momentum. Third thing they need to do is work more counts. I know they have been better this year than in the recent past, but that is not saying much. With Glavine on the mound tonight, they need to make him throw a bunch of pitches and not just swing at first pitch because usually doing that results in a ground out with Glavine pitching.


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