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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Drives me Crazy

I want to vent because this weekend I went to the White Sox and Cubs series (all 3 games) and I want to vent about the ignorant drunk fans. I am a collector of sports jerseys and where them all the time, for games one and two I wore an Athletics jersey and a Devil Rays jersey to the first 2 games. The reason I am bitching is neither team is a threat to the Cubs or even in the same division as the White Sox, but I had a bunch of drunk fans get in my face and tell me how much I suck and I should go home back to said home city (which for me is 4 blocks from Wrigley). Well what made it worse was 95% of the idiots would then yell go Cubs after shouting ignorant phrases to me. I know it has been this way at Wrigley since the late 90's, but it is getting very hard to step into Wrigley and enjoy a game these days due to the drunks and the vendors that are in your face every three seconds (that is a story for another day).
Now before I get a ton of hate mail, I am not saying all fans are like this or even most, but it is becoming very prevalent at Wrigley and I just wish it would change.


  • Da vendors are worse than the drunk fans. I should stay home instead with my 30 pack of Old Style for $10.99 and actually see the game!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:48 AM  

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